International World Food Summit - Better Food for More People

Bite Copenhagen is an exhibition hosted in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and their "World Food Summit - Better Food for More People"

When the doors open on August 24th & 25th it is possible for the business segment to experience the newest products and take part in the unique events, developed specifically for Bite, in collaboration with the most progressive actors in the food business. 

The ambition is to create the most important food summit in the world, with the summit and food exhibition as the center of gastronomic progress, development and world class food. 120 Danish and international decisionmakers, NGO's, companies and opionaters make up the delegation at the World Food Summit. Lead by the Danish Minister of Environment and Food of Denmark, the delegation will visit Bite Copenhagen and draw inspiration from the many creative exhibitiors. 

René Redzepi, founder of the restaurant Noma, participates in the world food summit in the company of many Danish and international chefs, bloggers, experts and leading decisionmakers from large, international food companies. Including Nestlé, McDonalds, Carlsberg and Campbell Soup. Additionally, leading universities such as Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), senior politicians and government officials from USA, China, Germany, Japan, South Africa and more. Bite Copenhagen welcomes the food summit participants on the 24th of August, 2017.

The synergy between the food and the food exhibition is strong, and the link between the two events are bridgning the gap between international policy and the innovative solutions, that are displayed by the many creative exhibitors at Bite Copenhagen. 


Better Food for More People 2017


24. - 25. august 2017

Forum Copenhagen

Torsdag 9 - 18

Fredag 9 - 18