Technological Institute - Future Foods

Experience the future food at Bite Copenhagen, when Technological Institute opens the treasure chest of gadgets and wisdom.

Insects, algae and 3D-printed food

Most people have heard curious things about 3D printing. The techonology behind the 3D printers have made it possible to print anything from prostheses for animals, spare parts for cars and even acustic instruments. It seems that in the future we will also be familarizing with printed food. But how does it taste and what is really the ingeredients in a 3D printer? This is but some of the many question you can ask the Technological Institute, when they showcase their technological assets in action.

Besides printed food, the Technological Institute is on the frontline when it comes to fighting food waste. At Bite Copenhagen you can learn about what the 'Foodwaste Hunters' do to prevent foodwaste, when they move out to large professional kitchens and catering units, to help them optimize their workprocesses. The 'Foodwaste Hunter'-effort is based on AgroTech exprience with reduction, and calculations show that a focused effort can reduce food waste by up to 50%, which is both good for the environment and the economy. The efforts include utilization of the entire commodities, such as vegetables, and vocalizing the 'throw-away' culture.

Plantbased foods are also gaining ground and weighs heavily in the debate about climate, health, sustainability and more. Here too the Technological Institute has a special role, because it is possible to texturize plantproteins. Additionally the Technological Institute wants to promote the useful characteristics of algae, that can be used both as an ingredient or as a commodity on its own.

The Technological Institute can be seen at booth F-022, where they also ask the question "Are we going to live off of insects in the future?". Taste the many innovative foods with insects and judge for yourself. 


24. - 25. august 2017

Forum Copenhagen

Torsdag 9 - 18

Fredag 9 - 18