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'Speednetworking for companies'

Type of event: International

In cooperation with Danish Food Cluster, Future Food Innovation, Agro Business Park and Agro Food Park, Bite Copenhagen invites the exhibiting companies and visitors to participate in an intense speed-networking event taking place 30th August from 2pm-4pm at the exhibition area.

Speednetworking is a powerful tool in creating personal contacts. The duration of each individual meeting is a few minutes, whereupon you move to another table to meet with new potential collaborators.

Come join us at Bite Copenhagen with your current challenges, ideas, off-the-shelf projects, knowledge and curiosity in meeting potential collaborators for the development of new products and solutions.

Free-of-charge registration confined to the displaying companies, as well as guests at Bite Copenhagen, on a first-come, first-served basis. As a starting point there are 80 seats available. Register, and learn more about the event, by clicking 'Registration via link' below. 

Registration via link  (free)
Type of event: International
Available spots: 80
When: 14.00-16.00
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

NB - The events are tentative and updated on a regular basis.