Unique streetfood-mecca at Bite Copenhagen

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When Bite Copenhagen opens its doors on the 24th and 25th of August, visitors get unprecedented opportunities to satisfy their tastebuds with some of the most interesting street food in Denmark right now.


The Streetfood Denmark organization brings together a number of the best foodtrucks and streetfood booths, and has made it its specialty to deliver tailor-made culinary solutions for major events. In connection with Bite Copenhagen Streetfood Denmark members ensure that no one leaves the exhibition with a dry throat or a stifling stomach.


At the head of Streetfood Denmark's food area, Argentinean La Boca from WestMarket in Copenhagen will offer a solid round of paella both days, while Ristet Rug (Roasted Rye) delivers delicious Danish potato mushrooms to the people. You can also meet Øriginal Is from Bornholm, which, with their ice-cream concept, blends ice cream with local Bornholm ingredients from forest and field, and mix them directly on a frost plate, for the guests to behold and taste. 


Quench the thirst with a soda from Garden Theory - a freshly-started Funen based soft-soda company that brews organic soda on unconventional ingredients like cucumber, red pepper and fennel. All vegetables come exclusively from organic fields on Funen, and the taste of soda will consequently follow the season's supply of vegetables.


The slightly stronger beverages are supplied by Vinhanen and the Art Brewery Far & Søn from Svendborg, which works with old-fashioned methods. For example, there are no pumps at the brewery, and the beer is unpasteurized and spiced with many kinds of herbs and untraditional flavors.


Talks from visionary food personalities

In addition to a solid selection of street food specialties, Streetfood Denmark's food area will also present a series of talks where visionary thoughts and products will be aired and demonstrated. For example, you can hear about Treatbox - a newly developed alternative to the doggy bag that aims to minimize food waste and break a very Nordic taboo about taking home leftovers from the restaurant.


Also pay attention to the 'oyster warrior' Boris Stjernebye-Schiøler, who will present his newly-launched project Samsø Østers, who is trying to grow sustainable oysters in floating oats on Samsø. Chef Michael Pang-Larsen will tell about his passion for Singapore's and Malaysia's magical world of street food, which has laid the foundation for a 40-year-long taste trip into the heart of the Asian street kitchen. He is, among other things, the man behind the chef's school Nams Kusine in Dragør, and for many years he has held cooking schools for the heads of the kitchen in some of the country's largest canteen companies.


In addition to the above, there will be talks from Foodie Bikes, Takeout, Snapstinget Viborg, Far & Søn and Vinhanen.


Thus, vitamins are provided for both the heart, the brain and not least the stomach when Bite Copenhagen welcomes 24 and 25 August.


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Daniel Flösser