Crickets, charity and a World Food Summit


What kind of insects will crawl on tomorrow’s menu and how do we deal with the fact, that a third of all the food that is produced in the world, ends up wasted and not in the stomachs it was intended for?


In a world where human footsteps are leaving deeper and deeper marks on the planet, the above questions are now more than ever relevant to ask. The need for new ideas and solutions are pressing matters. Bite Copenhagen will focus on innovation and the exhibition is joined by some of the creative frontrunners, who managed to turn their new ideas to e.g re-think food waste prevention, and create a successful business model by doing so. 

One of them is the ‘WeFood’ initiative, created by the NGO Danchurchaid. They turned excessive food production and food waste prevention into a motor for charity and donations, to help developing countries. In the WeFood stores, the commodities are nearing expiration date, which is why charitable supermarkets and local businesses have donated it to WeFood. The WeFood initiative have in just one year prevented 100 tons of food, from going to waste, but there is still a lot of work to do says Project Manager Sofie Østengård who is looking forward to having a dialogue with new potential collaborators.  

"At Bite there will be a lot of people from the food industry, and we are looking forward to a productive dialogue about food waste prevention and new collaborations. Especially food with incorrect packaging will in many cases just be destroyed. Instead of destroying the food, we would like to save it. We are changing the waste culture, as well as the way we consume commodities, and the industry can make a big difference.”

Future food on the menu
Besides fighting food waste, the production of sustainable commodities will be a key subject at the exhibition. As a visitor you will have the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs from InsektKBH. InsektKBH cultivate crickets at their own insectfarm in the Copenhagen district of Nordvest. The crickets are used as an ingredient in the company's first product: a ginger-apple shot, with fifteen pureed crickets added. InsektKBH sees a great potential in insects being a part of the future menu, which is why they will be present at Bite Copenhagen, not least because of the the presence of international food companies and stakeholders. 

"Bite Offers an opportunity to get our product exposed and introduced to a lot of people from the industry. We can write about sustainability and health all we want, but the product is only truly meaningful when you experience it. We are an entrepreneur business working in an exciting start-up phase and for us this is a chance to get our product even further out in the world. There is already interest from other countries, but we want to prepare for an expanded market. At Bite we have the opportunity to meet stakeholders from the industry that would otherwise be difficult to reach", says Philip Price who is the co-founder of InsektKBH. 


In synergy with an international food summit
With innovative solutions and political commitment the goal is to support better food for more people, and alleviate global food related challenges, at the international ’World Food Summit – Better Food for More People’. The summit is hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark at the National Parliament, in conjunction with Bite Copenhagen. The summit participants will be visiting Bite Copenhagen, and the exhibitors have the opportunity to have a dialogue with the influential decision makers from the food summit, says Marie Louise Flach de Neergaard, Head of the Ministry of Environment and Food


”The ambition is to create the most important food summit in the world, with the summit and food exhibition as the center of gastronomic progress, science and world class food production. 120 Danish and international decisionmakers, NGO’s, companies and opinionaters make up the World Food Summit. They will visit Bite Copenhagen at the first day of the food summit and draw inspiration from the exhibition. Additionally the will meet both decision makers and companies that are also involved in Bite Copenhagen, where Danish and international actors will contribute with values, products, innovation and knowledge. This way, the summit and food exhibition will be a part of a shared framework and platform”. 

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Exhibition Manager
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