International quality producers exhibits at Bite Copenhagen


Quality and innovation are two keywords for the exhibitors, that presents their products at this years Bite Copenhagen.


One of the products in that category is the sparkling tea from Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company, developed in Denmark by the renowned waiter and sommelier Jacob Kocemba. An innovative entrepreneurial product with great international ambitions.

"We usually say about Sparkling Tea that it's Asian teatradition and Nordic innovation in a champagne bottle. Nobody in the world has previously thought about combining luxury wine with grape and wine, as we do. Therefore we would also like to go far beyond the country's borders with the tea because we think the product can appeal very widely. It is an organic and pure product without additives and is attractive to, for example, the Asian market. We also make an alcohol-free version of the tea that is ideal for the Middle Eastern consumers. Because of the international profile of Bite Copenhagen, the exhibition is therefore also a perfect place to start marketing Sparkling Tea outside Denmark's borders, "says Bo Sten Hansen, co-founder and CEO of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company.

Spanish tradition and artisanshipAnother unique product you can experience is the stored Spanish ibérico hams, which for many years have been a highly loved specialty in the gastronomic world. Where the sparkling teas are an exciting gastronomic new break, the ham is instead based on traditional craftsmanship over the centuries. The family-run company Tartessos has more than 100 years of experience in producing cooked Spanish ibérico hams of the best quality, and now it is time for the Danes to learn to love the Spanish specialty.

"2017 is the year in which we are launching a sales promotion on the Scandinavian markets. Bite Copenhagen is an excellent opportunity to get to know the Danish market better. We are convinced that the Danes demand the highest quality, and therefore we bring the best of our ibérico hams to the Danish market, "says export manager Antonio Peinado.

Award-winning chocolate and social responsibility
At Bite Copenhagen there will also be an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the world's best chocolate. Pacari produces "single-origin" chocolate in the luxury class of cocoa beans, which originate exclusively from small, organic cocoa farmers in Ecuador. Social responsibility is one of the company's core values, and therefore the cocoa distributors also get a price for their beans that are well above the market price. Pacaris's philosophy is to cultivate the local terroir, and therefore the dark chocolate is also tasted with a variety of selected ingredients from the rainforest, such as passion fruit, lemongrass and chili. The result is a chocolate that wins prices for its high quality year after year. At Bite Copenhagen, Pacaris founder Santiago Peralta will travel from Ecuador to Copenhagen to personally conduct product demonstrations and a presentation at the exhibition for all interested parties.

"Pacaris chocolate comes in a variety of exciting and unconventional flavors, which will probably be new to many. This is a true terroir product, which we think will fit perfectly with the Danish market, not least because of its entire ecological focus and its work on direct trade and social responsibility in one of the world's poor countries, "says Martha Bettina Larsen, who is responsible for the marketing of Pacari in Denmark.

Would you like to join Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, Tartessos and Pacari and become a part of Denmark's new international food Mecca, and have your product exposed to a unique audience?


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