Organic produce on the menu at Bite Copenhagen


Get an exclusive peek under the hood, when Organic Denmark and the Copenhagen Hospitality College takes you backstage in a unique display of organic conversion in professionel kitchens.


When Bite Copenhagen takes place for the first time on the 24th-25th of August 2017, in Forum Copenhagen, Organic Denmark and the Copenhagen Hospitality College, will be present, and together promote organic produce in professional kitchens. They will use the new, ambitious international food exhibition as a platform, to raise awareness: People are increasingly interested in organic produce. The Danes buy more organic food for their private kitchens, than any other people in the world. This also translates into an increased demand for organic food on the menu when eating out. Professionals in the hotel, restaurant and café business can make a difference for the consumers and benefit from the increased demand for organic food. 

-At Bite Copenhagen we want to send a message to food professionals, and let them know of the populations' increasing interest in organic produce. For companies it is a unique opportunity to promote their organic profile to the conscious consumer. In Denmark the organic purchases has been skyrocketing when it comes to the food that is prepared at home, and we see this trend is gaining serious momentum all over the world. There is a growing awareness and a growing desire among people, to make a difference with their food consumption. This desire has a natural influence on consumer preferences when eating outside the home, says Torben Blok, Marketing Manager for Food Service at Organic Denmark. 

Innovation Zone with organic ambitions. 
The Copenhagen Hospitality College and Organic Denmark will put organic produce on the agenda at Bite Copenhagen. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as well as the Danish Agriculture & Food Council are also keen supporters of the effort, which manifests itself with an advanced innovation zone at the international event. The Innovation Zone will provide visitors from all over the world with a unique chance to see how organic conversion happens in the professional kitchens. 

Mette Toftegaard Rasmussen, Senior Consultant at Copenhagen Hospitality College, reflects on their presence at Bite Copenhagen:
- In coorperation with Organic Denmark, we are working on a project where selected kitchens in the hotel, café and restaurant segment gather actual experience and gain an understanding of how organic efforts are best disseminated to many more cafes, restaurants and hotels - and it is these insights that we would like to focus on at Bite Copenhagen. Bite Copenhagen's goal is to promote quality products, innovation and knowledge in relation to local and global food challenges. 

A food exhibition of international caliber
For Organic Denmark, Copenhagen Hospitality College, National Food Authority and Food & Agriculture to choose Bite Copenhagen as a platform for their Innovation Zone is no coincidence. New knowledge and innovation is of the highest priority at the new ambitious food exhibition. - We welcome Organic Denmark and support their initiative, which is a sublime addition that compliments the many innovative gastro-businesses and entrepreneurs that are already backing the exhibition. Many partners have developed exciting concepts and activities particularly to showcase at Bite Copenhagen, and we feel that many stakeholders share our ambition and supports the goal; to establish an annual veritable 'must go' food platform of international format, says Christian Vejlund, Exhibition Manager of Bite Copenhagen. 

About Bite Copenhagen

  • Bite Copenhagen is a new international food exhibition staged in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcasing solutions on how to provide better food for more people via education, gastronomy, prevention of food waste, technology, packaging, sustainability, organic produce, recycling and much more. 
  • Bite Copenhagen is committed to contribute with new knowledge that can increase understanding and awareness of how to handle commodities, which is on a daily basis converted to gastronomic adventures in the professional kitchens. 
  • The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and BC Hospitality Group A/S are co-hosting the new initiative, which is held in conjunction with the International Food Summit "Better Food for More People" and the hugely popular Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. 
  • Bite Copenhagen embraces culinary innovators from all over the world, those who prioritize quality, a great story and the honed artisanship in gastronomy necessary to make a difference. 
  • Bite Copenhagen is supported by, inter alia, Food Organization of Denmark (F.O.O.D) and has close ties to the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, the latter of which takes places from the 18th-27th August. Thus, Denmark and Copenhagen offers a thriving Mecca of gastronomic proportions. We are excited to welcome visitors from across the world in August. 
Daniel Flösser