Technological Institute presents the future food solutions


3D-printed food, insects and plants as alternative sources of protein as well as large scale food waste prevention, will be just some of the many solutions that Technological Institute presents at this year’s Bite Copenhagen.


Technological Institute is among other things hosting a presentation, where you will be able to not only witness the demonstration of a 3D-printer, which can print foods, but also watch the printer produce an actual carrot, right in front of you.  The technology is still undergoing development, but 3D-printed food is expected to play a key role in the future. Especially in the hospitals, where the technology will make it possible to create individualized diets, specifically for different groups of patients; for instance a diet for patients with eating disorders, patients that have just undergone surgery, or elderly people with chewing difficulties. Also in terms of food for children, the technology holds great potential, because the 3D-printer will be able to print healthy foods, which is both exciting and inviting to look at.

New knowledge about food waste prevention
Food waste prevention is of great importance at the exhibition, not least for Technological Institute and their presence at Bite Copenhagen. In a collaboration with the Danish EPA, the Institute is running a project called 'Foodwaste Hunters', which allow largescale professional kitchens and canteens to have a free visit from a food waste consultant, who will help them decrease the amount of food waste in the kitchen. According to numbers from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food the annual waste is 31.000 tons of food, in the large professional kitchens, which rougly adds up to 700 shopping carts fully loaded with fresh edible food - daily! Something can be done about that, and the Foodwaste Hunters have so far visited 40 large professional kitchens to collect data and knowledge about different food waste processes, and how they can be incorporated in the daily workflow. At Bite Copenhagen, the contemporary results of the project will be presented, and for the large professional kitchens, the canteen manager and others who produce a significant amount of food, this will be a golden opportunity to gain both new knowledge and inspiration for managing a kitchen with less waste and better economy. 

Is mealworms and plants the future sources of protein? 
Another eco-friendly and resource optimizing theme, that will be characterize the program of this year’s Bite Copenhagen, will be insects in all shapes and sizes. Technological Institute is mapping the possibilities of developing the technologies, which will lead the way for the Danish future as an ‘insect nation’. Even if the Danes are not going to be incorporating insects in the daily meals, there will still be great opportunities that Danish know-how and food safety can be an export adventure with mass production of different insects

At Technological Institute’s booth visitors will be able to taste a variety of foods with insects as the main ingredient. Technological Institute is also bringing a number of mobile ‘tasting boxes’, and will conduct a consumer analysis, based on visitor’s opinions on insects. For instance if the assessment of a cookie with visible mealworms is different from a similar cookie, but with grounded mealworms instead of whole. Additionally Technological Institute will present the newest science on plant based protein sources as an alternative to meat, the so-called ‘planternatives’. 

Funds for growth
The new growth project called Future Food Innovation offers three types of funding, that can be invested in the development and potential of food businessses, with innovative projects that creates growth and jobs. Lean more about the options for your company, at the booth. 

Regardless of how you approach food production, there will be great opportunities to gain new useful knowledge and inspiration at Technological Institute, when Bite Copenhagen is setting sail for the first time on the 24th and 25th of August. 

Daniel Flösser