Future Food Solutions at Bite Copenhagen 2018

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Taste your way through new solutions and uncompromised quality at Bite Copenhagen 2018.


The international food exhibition Bite Copenhagen bites back! Once again, from August 30.- 31. 2018 the world’s most influential stakeholders and innovative food companies participates in a gastronomic epicenter in Bella Center Copenhagen.

Bite Copenhagen 2018 is all about artisanship and new ways to approach the future of food.  The exhibition will act as a catalyst for debate and innovative solutions to the great food challenges such as food scarcity and the environmental consequences of intensifying conventional food production.

Whether it is lab-grown ‘clean meat’, local secrets, plant-based protein or simply good honest quality products that pique your interest, Bite Copenhagen 2018 is a great place to showcase and discover new edible treasures that are both sustainable and, of course, delicious.


Many of the new interesting alternative food sources are currently running a global victory lap. The interest in alternative gastronomy is simply exploding these years, and at Bite Copenhagen, exhibitors will be able to meet the people that have the power to decide the menu of tomorrow. And make them hungry for their products.  


Bite Copenhagen at the center of the plate


According to David Pedersen who is Campaign Manager at Meat Free Monday Denmark and ProVeg, working for sustainable food solutions across the world, Bite Copenhagen is a great place to be for companies in the industry for alternative food sources.


“Bite Copenhagen offers 2 days of intensive and inspirational food focus and companies will get a chance to showcase their innovative work for the people that have our future in their hands. When we are dealing with food, it is important to remember, that the ears are not the most important part of the body we need to convince. Politicians and investors think with their stomachs too.


However, it is not easy to change people's perception of food and make consumers choose the new sustainable protein initiatives that sprout everywhere. But interest is growing.


“Our food habits are deeply rooted in cultural and social traditions and we can’t change the world instantly. The first step towards change is always the hardest but we are seeing a massive growth in interest and demand for greener food sources.”



One of the exhibitors at Bite Copenhagen is the Danish company Naturli’currently having great success with their vegan product ‘Hakket’which is a 100% plant based alternative to minced meat. Director Henrik Lund also experiences increasing focus on alternative protein.

The interest is big. And it will increase in the years to come once the teenagers become adults. Tomorrows consumers will have different behavioral patterns and greater demands of what food should be capable of. Both in terms of health, sustainability and especially taste. We are becoming still more conscious about eating the right food.

‘Hakket’ (minced/chopped) has largely been met with positive reactions and it has been a struggle to keep up with demands. However, the new product has also been criticized. But that hasn’t made Henrik Lund waver, and he sees Bite Copenhagen as a constructive platform for debate about our future food habits.

We welcome the debate because it contributes to the evolvement of our food culture. We cant all have the same opinions about everything so it is only constructive that we are able to discuss the future of food. The amount of people in the world is increasing and we have to rethink our food. Therefore, it is obvious that we should be a part of Bite Copenhagen which is an exhibition pointing forward with a strong international focus.


A greener and more efficient future?

The problem of resource scarcity is especially caused by a lack of efficiency, according to Nicole Rawling. She is Director of International Engagement at Good Food Institute that acts as a think tank and accelerator for the entire plant-based and clean meat market sectors.

However, many of the major players within the food industry acknowledge the necessity and potential of alternative protein sources, and especially in The States huge investments are being put in to the industry. Nicole Rawling sees the same tendency in Europe.


"The European market is filled with innovative companies, including Fry’s, Quorn, Like Meat, and The Vegetarian Butcher. A number of U.S. companies are looking to expand into Europe. Just like the growth of plant-based proteins in the United States, the European market will grow as well.”


Besides Naturli', Technological Institute, Dansk Tang  (Danish Seaweed) and Syngja are working with interesting new solutions and products, and many more companies are entering the market these years. Bite Copenhagen 2018 welcomes anyone working in the food industry to join the exhibition. Read our previous newsletters if you are curious about 3D-printed food or cricket juice. 


Anything to add to the table?


If you are looking to inspire and do business with resourceful visitors from all over the world, we encourage you to apply for a booth. Use the link: 'Exhibit at Bite', and follow the guidelines to apply. Applying is non-binding. Visitors can register here. Free of charge.


About Bite Copenhagen 2018

Bite Copenhagen is an international B2B food exhibition staged in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcasing solutions on how to provide better food for more people via education, gastronomy, prevention of food waste, technology, packaging, sustainability, organic produce, sustainable consumption and much more.


The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and BC Hospitality Group A/S are co-hosting the new initiative, which is held in conjunction with the international World Food Summit "Better Food for More People" National Parliament and World Food Summit - Bella Center Copenhagen. Learn more.


Bite Copenhagen is supported by the leading Danish industry organizations, Public procurement officers’, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival and the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The broad partnership underpins how strong the synergies between political, practical and public- and private interests are, when it comes to the food of the future.  Thus, Denmark and Copenhagen offers a thriving Mecca of gastronomic proportions. We are excited to welcome visitors from across the world in August.

Linda Schmidt