Internationally Acclaimed Food Cluster Joins Bite Copenhagen 2018!


We are happy to announce that the visionary Danish cluster of innovative food companies, service providers, and food-related educational institutions, Agro Food Park, takes part in the exhibition.

It is time to rethink the way we feed the world, which is why Bite Copenhagen gathers innovative companies within the food industry as well as influential opinion makers and buyers for two days of great solutions on how to provide better food for more people. Agro Food Park is a great example of how cooperation between creative companies in an inspirational environment can lead to exceptional solutions.


In corporation with Danish Food Cluster, Future Food Innovation, and Agro Business Park, Agro Food Park will host a dynamic speed-networking event on Thursday 30 August. Participants will get a chance to meet a wide range of actors within the food industry and exchange ideas, knowledge and visions, and maybe even find new business partners towards a common goal. Better food solutions. You can join the event by registering here.


Europe’s best business park for food innovation

Agro Food Park is wildly acclaimed as one of the most successful business clusters for actors within the innovative food industry. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, the business park is home to more than 80 companies with large corporations such as Arla, Danish Crown and global ingredient producer Chr. Hansen. But also to small-scale innovative companies and ambitious startups, and that is exactly what makes the environment unique and constructive, according to Agro Food Park M3 manager Søren Madsen:


“We work with an innovative ecosystem by mixing small and large companies. We create a dynamic environment with mutual profitable synergies and sharing of knowledge. 30% of companies in Agro Food Park have more than five business cooperation’s with other actors at the location, and we do a lot to pair companies in equally beneficial relationships. I have not experienced the same creative energy and x-factor in a food specialized business park anywhere else in Europe.”

Søren Madsen emphasizes the importance of creating an inspiring and collegial community to nurture the dynamics between the companies. At Bite Copenhagen, these exact dynamics can be experienced at the exceptionally well-tuned speed networking event.

“We are looking forward to hosting our thoroughly tested and very intense speed-networking event where we pair participants across sectors and interests to get the broadest possible take on the future of food,” Søren Madsen adds.


From Agro Food Park to the world

Agro Food Park is home to a wide range of visionary businesses and organizations within the food and foodservice industry. The unique environment attracts interest from all over the world and the food park regularly welcomes visits from foreign delegations. All of which get a chance to meet ambitious companies and experience the output of Agro Food Park.

Many of these actors benefit from the unique and very specialized business environment. One of them is ENORM – a company devoted to turning creepy-crawly insect into delicious, nutritious and sustainable food. The first steps were taken at Agro Food Park with support from a range of companies in the innovative food cluster. Now, they have grown out of their offices and moved into a farm full of employees and, not least, millions of black soldier flies!

Naturli´ is another successful example of expanding Agro Food Park companies. They have developed a plant-based protein as an alternative to minced meat and have been overwhelmed by the interest and demand in the past months. You can meet Naturli´ at Bite Copenhagen 2018 and see and taste for yourself what all the fuzz is about.


Anything to add to the table?


If you are looking to inspire and do business with resourceful visitors from all over the world, we encourage you to apply for a booth. Use the link: 'Exhibit at Bite', and follow the guidelines to apply. Applying is non-binding.


About Bite Copenhagen 2018

Bite Copenhagen is an international B2B food exhibition staged in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcasing solutions on how to provide better food for more people via education, gastronomy, prevention of food waste, technology, packaging, sustainability, organic produce, recycling and much more.

The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and BC Hospitality Group A/S are co-hosting the new initiative, which is held in conjunction with the international World Food Summit "Better Food for More People" National Parliament and World Food Summit - Bella Center Copenhagen. Learn more.

Bite Copenhagen is supported by the leading Danish industry organizations, Public procurement officers’, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival and the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The broad partnership underpins how strong the synergies between political, practical and public- and private interests are, when it comes to the food of the future.  Thus, Denmark and Copenhagen offers a thriving Mecca of gastronomic proportions. We are excited to welcome visitors from across the world in August.


Christian Vejlund