Crowdfunding The Future of Food


Sometimes a bit of help is needed to make great ideas take off. Coop Crowdfunding is joining Bite Copenhagen and on their innovative platform, producers can fuel their ideas for the journey. 


Is your company planning on laying out a field of organic apples for cider production, or do you need a new gizmo for your production? Or perhaps you are looking for some interesting food and drink projects to invest in? If the answer is yes, then Coop Crowdfunding ( may be the chance you have been looking for. On this unique platform, producers can pitch their ideas and everyone can contribute to funding the projects. 


Exhibitor or visitor? Join the crowd!

As an exhibitor at Bite Copenhagen, chances are you will even end up having your next project funded and ready to go. So take a break from your stand and take part in the Coop Crowdfunding workshop for all interested exhibitors and visitors. Or join a one-on-one consultation with one of the crowdfunding experts. It is free of charge and may get you started on a crowdfunding campaign that will take your project to the next level. Secure your spot today via link


Together towards better food solutions

Anyone can contribute to the projects on the crowdfunding platform and contributors are rewarded by doing so. The model aligns perfectly with Coop’s visions, according to Coop Crowdfunding Responsible, Nicolai Jæpelt:


“Working together towards better solutions is part of the foundation that Coop is built on. Coop Crowdfunding brings producers and consumers closer to each other and engages consumers more in their food sources. People’s contributions, regardless how small or large they may be, give producers the capability of competing on quality rather than price, which ultimately brings better food on the shelves and better food on our plates.”


A well-proven concept with mutual benefits

The crowdfunding platform has already proven its potential although until recently, it has only been in the test phase. Many projects have already been funded and investors are making money or getting rewards for their contribution. Companies doing a crowdfunding campaign benefit from more than just funds, Nicolai Jæpelt explains:

“Developing new products is expensive, but on our platform producers get the chance to market test their project on real people while it’s still just an idea. So you get valuable information without investing a lot of money. In addition, investors will act as highly committed ambassadors for your brand onwards.”

“We welcome all sorts of projects that can make a difference in the food industry. We are looking forward to attending Bite Copenhagen 2018 and show and tell visitors and exhibitors more about the potential of Coop Crowdfunding,” says Nicolai Jæpelt.


Exhibit at Bite Copenhagen


If you are looking to inspire and do business with resourceful visitors from all over the world, we encourage you to apply for a booth. Use the link: 'Exhibit at Bite', and follow the guidelines to apply. Applying is non-binding.

About Bite Copenhagen 2018


Bite Copenhagen is an international B2B food exhibition staged in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcasing solutions on how to provide better food for more people via education, gastronomy, prevention of food waste, technology, packaging, sustainability, organic produce, recycling and much more.

The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and BC Hospitality Group A/S are co-hosting the new initiative, which is held in conjunction with the international World Food Summit "Better Food for More People" National Parliament and World Food Summit - Bella Center Copenhagen. Learn more.

Bite Copenhagen is supported by the leading Danish industry organizations, Public procurement officers’, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival and the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The broad partnership underpins how strong the synergies between political, practical and public- and private interests are, when it comes to the food of the future.  Thus, Denmark and Copenhagen offers a thriving Mecca of gastronomic proportions. We are excited to welcome visitors from across the world in August.

Christian Vejlund