New Nordic 2.0 at Bite Copenhagen 2018

The wave of the New Nordic Kitchen has swept across Scandinavia for years. At Bite Copenhagen 2018 you can experience the latest culinary visions from the very top of Scandinavia: Finland

In 2004, a group of Scandinavia’s best chefs – including René Redzepi and Claus Meyer – defined a culinary manifesto. The innovative manifesto described 10 dogmas that they pledged to work under. ‘New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto’ was born and would later revolutionize the Nordic food scene and add a new point of reference to the culinary map. 


Today, the principles may have evolved. But the essence of the original ideas has persevered and spread to producers in all corners of Scandinavia. From which new ideas now sprout. A New Nordic 2.0.


At the 30.-31. of August, you can taste how Finish producers work with principles such as purity, simplicity, sustainability, traditional craftsmanship and local produce. All dogmas from the original manifesto – flavored with a little bit of raw Finish culture, nature and heritage. And Finland definitely has something to offer the rest of the world with its cold Arctic waters, unspoiled wilderness and enthusiastic people.


Safe, healthy and pure food from the Land of a Thousand Lakes

Esa Wrang is Head of Industry and Program Director for Food from Finland promoting Finish food to the world. According to him, Finish produce complies with many principles from the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto but also has some characteristics unique to Finland:


‘Our food safety standards are extremely high, we use less antibiotics in meat production than anywhere else and our water has been proven by UNESCO to be the purest in the world. Finish food is pure, healthy and natural food such as wild herbs, berries, moss, flowers and game and fish.’


The interest in Finish products is rising and like in other Scandinavian countries, gourmet chefs are an important factor in this, Esa explains:


‘The trend evolves from the HORECA segment. Premium restaurants expand the products to the average consumer and we have a lot of gastro-tourists visiting our restaurants to try the natural tastes. At Bite Copenhagen, visitors will also get a chance to experience some very natural and pure products that does not exist in the Danish market yet.͛ ’

Exhibit at Bite Copenhagen


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Sustainable fish for the future

One of the new products you can experience on Bite origins in the crisp, cold waters of the Arctic. Hätälä produces fish with the broadest definition of sustainability, Export Manager Juha Pahtamaa says:


‘We have a well-certified production with the highest level of certification. But we also support the local fishermen as a natural part of our business. Promoting their work and helping them in their daily tasks to maintain a good relationship between actors in the industry.’


Hätälä works to meet the current and future food problems by producing sustainable high-quality fish to replace some of our meat consumption in a healthy way. For instance by promoting traditional craftsmanship like the Finish specialty of salmon cooked near an open fire. Visitors at Bite Copenhagen can taste this and a wide range of their other sustainable products.


Cheers to craft beer with local ingredients

Maku Brewery is another example of Finish exhibitor working within the field of the New Nordic paradigm. They produce craft beer with extra attention paid to sustainability in their production, according to Ville Makkonen who is in charge of Sales & Export:


‘Our malt comes from nearby farms and once we have used it, the by-product is used as fodder for farm animals. We have also lowered our energy consumption and only use cans which are lighter than bottles and therefore take fewer resources distributing.’


The ingredients are very specifically chosen because of their taste characteristics but also because of their sustainable and local origin.


‘Our beer is brewed with the pure Finish water that makes is needless to filter or alter the water in any way. Most of our beers are gluten free and we prefer Finish ingredients such as wild sea buckthorn and birch leaves. And yes, there will be tastings!’


Thirsty for more?

The Nordic Kitchen movement has had a great impact on producers all over Scandinavia who, deliberately or not, are expanding the reach of the food manifesto written 14 years ago.


You can experience a wide range of Finish producers on Bite Copenhagen along with numeral other exhibitors showcasing their solutions to the world’s current and future food problems. If you are thirsty for more, follow us on facebook or sign up for our newsletter for news about the exhibition. 

Christian Vejlund