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Want to get a bite of the future? Sign up as a visitor at Bite Copenhagen 2018 – an international B2B exhibition for the food industry, August 30-31 in Bella Center Copenhagen. Professionals with relations to the food industry may sign up for free here or secure one of the few remaining tickets via


Taste the food of tomorrow

The culinary world is changing and we need to rethink our food sources. The Danish and international exhibitors at Bite Copenhagen are leading the way, and visitors will experience an abundance of different pioneering solutions up and close as well as inspirational talks, workshops, tempting food trucks and more. Chief Consultant in Copenhagen Municipality Betina Bergmann Madsen visited Bite Copenhagen last year, and she had an inspiring experience:


“We were incredibly inspired to see the innovative solutions that the participating companies could present at the fair. New links between public procurement and innovative companies were created. The group would love to visit Bite again next year. ”


Jacobsen and Jalm&B joining forces at Bite Copenhagen

One of the great ideas visitors can experience – and taste – is the result of an interesting corporation between Jalm&B, a bread brand creating organic sourdough bread based on Nordic ingredients and uncompromising craftsmanship, and Jacobsen, a specialty beer brewery under the Carlsberg Group (the world’s 4th  largest brewery). They have joined their know-how and passion for great bread and beer to produce BRØØL – the limited edition festival beer at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. A unique beer made from leftovers from a new type of bread developed by Jalm&B’s former Michelin chef at the well-known Danish restaurant, noma. Tobias Musaeus, Head of Marketing for Foodpeople – the organic bread and pastry group behind the Jalm&B brand – is looking forward to presenting the result on Bite Copenhagen:


“It is fascinating to witness passionate craftsmen with different expertise meet in an inspiring, innovative and playful setup such as this. The Master brewers from Jacobsen are using by-products from our bread production to create something truly special and thereby we are showing one way of producing more sustainable and, not the least, great products.”


The synergy goes both ways. Jalm&B uses leftover nuts, malt, and yeast from the beer production to make bread, spread and other products. Tobias Musaeus explains:

“Reducing food waste is not limited to exploiting mistakes in the food industry. It is also about thinking complimentary products into new contexts. That is what this project represents and that is what visitors will experience at our Stand at Bite Copenhagen.”   


Disrupting energy drinks

Need a shot of natural energy to make it through all the stands? Stop by another interesting project and have a sip of ‘The Organic Energy Project’ – an all-natural organic energy drink from Nørrebrew - a Danish producer of organic soft drinks. They have developed the energy drink by joining forces with some very special partners; the people of Copenhagen. Brand & Event Manager Mads Kleis explains:


“We wanted to challenge status quo and confront one of the strongest unhealthy bastions in the convenience store; sugary, neon-colored and synthetically flavored energy drinks. We developed the energy drink in co-creation with the public to get their take on brand and taste and thereby creating what we believe is the energy drink of the future: Organic and sustainable with a natural boost. ”


The ‘Organic Energy Project’ contains less sugar than most soft drinks on the market, and Nørrebrew is aware of the challenges this may imply. Mads Kleis continues:


“People have grown up with sugary drinks, but why does it always have to be so sweet? We realize that this is what people are used to and that we are confronting an entire industry as well as taste preferences deeply rooted in the consumers, but things need to be disrupted in order to get better.”


Explore the exhibition – bite by bite!

There are plenty of more interesting innovative exhibitors, great corporations, and inspiring talks and events to be explored. Therefore, we welcome all professionals in the food and drink industry to visit Bite Copenhagen 2018 and experience them up and close. Register for free via link and discover the future of food.


There are a lot of food-related events in Denmark during the summer. Danish Food Cluster has created a platform that gives you an overview of all B2B-related events to attract an international audience. Keep yourself updated on International Food Week of Denmark (IFWD)


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Christian Vejlund