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Michelin stars, extravagant ingredients and celebrity chefs. When gastronomic enjoyment is on the agenda, it is often excellence that is in focus.

Not only do we hold the culinary magnifiying glass over groundbreaking ideas and the Danish Bocuse d'Or qualification, the menu is also full of what we all enjoy the most of: everyday food. It is in everyday eating habits that there is the greatest potential for future sustainable food solutions.

Cabbage and spices

Mill & Mortar produces organic spices, and according to founder Iben Büchert, the future food challenges will be solved, among other things, by making everyday life a bit more delicious, without necessarily requiring extra time:

“We buy many of the same raw materials in everyday life, so the question is how we can vary them, make them more exciting and increase the taste experience without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Good spices can be a good tool for that, so the seasonal vegetables get more uses. For example, we have developed a spice mix especially for cabbage. "

Quality and sustainability for Iben Büchert are the way to better food solutions. But it requires a change of attitude from consumers to get them to use better spices:

“As consumers, we are used to the fact that spices are blindly pulled down from the shelves of the supermarket. But spices can have as many stories and shades as wine and coffee. Therefore, we need to be closer to our spices to understand the many opportunities they provide. ”

Flavor for the brain

One of the possibilities Mill & Mortar explores is neurogastronomy. It's about how our brain perceives taste. Why does the wine from the summer holidays taste so good at home? Why would we rather have our pork loin crispy? And not least - how can you use that knowledge to eat better?

According to the Danish Food Agency, many people consume up to twice the amount of the recommended salt in take. And too much salt increases the risk of lifestyle diseases. But it has a solution to Mill & Mortar and the neurogastronomy.

The spice mixture "Salt of Hearts" is tricking the brain into believing the food is more salty than it is. It is used as a substitute for salt but gives the brain the same taste experience. Roasted sesame seeds in the mixture crunch between the fingers as well as flake salt. Karl Johan mushrooms, seaweed and citrus peel give umami and the right mineral taste.

With quality spices and neuroastronomy, according to Mill & Mortar, we can eat healthier and more sustainable without us noticing. And at the same time get more enjoyment into everyday life.

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Christian Vejlund