Non-alcohol alternatives are growing in populairty

Meet the exhibitors Dagmar and ISH Spirits at

Bite Copenhagen 2019, 28th & 29th of August.

Alcohol is a regular at the table when Danes gather. But the interest in non-alcoholic beverages booms, and with juice menus at the country's best restaurants and an increasing selection of non-alcoholic drinks, it has become more socially acceptable and, not least, more exciting to try the non-alcohol alternatives. We have talked to two producers of alcohol-free alternatives that challenge the traditional alcohol habits. Meet Dagmar and ISH Spirits here - and at Bite Copenhagen 2019.


A visionary lady with great taste

Exclusively for Bite, Rynkeby participates with Dagmar - a niche series of fruits, green and berry-based drinks, which, with properties that you normally associate with wine, have been developed specifically to complement food in restaurants.


Dagmar has been developed in collaboration with, among others, chefs and sommeliers, and there are variants that match both appetizers, main courses and desserts. The raw materials include grape juice, rose extract, raw tea and birch syrup. Customer Marketing Manager Sanne Lundsgaard Rasmussen explains:


“We are fruit and vegetable experts in Rynkeby. It is our rootstock, and with Dagmar we create a completely new category that gives the restaurant guest, who does not drink alcohol, a decent alternative. We work with the basic concepts of the wine world, and there are, for example, two bright flavors for appetizers - a fruity and fresh and a bold and sweet. The same goes for main courses and desserts, where the guest gets the feeling that the drinks match the weight of the food and the taste palette. ”


The story and properties are very similar to wine, but Dagmar should not be compared to non-alcoholic wine, as the series belongs to a completely new category. And the innovative aspect also explains the name. The series is named after the innovative Dagmar Andreasen, who took over the responsibility for Rynkeby after her mother in 1953 and just as the drinks were visionary.

The non-alcoholic wave rolls

With Dagmar, Rynkeby grabs a tendency that rolls fast for the time being. The virgin alternatives to beer, wine and spirits pop up everywhere, and that is the wave Dagmar rides on:

“As consumers, we have become far better at making demands on the alcohol-free alternatives. It is a part of the health trend to cut down on alcohol, and we are looking for a better experience even when we choose non-alcoholic drinks. In restaurants it is not only the food that is in focus, and with Dagmar you can also get the experience with drinks, even if you do not drink alcohol, ”explains Sanne Lundsgaard Rasmussen and continues:


"At Bite 19, guests will have a wauw experience with us and think" keep up, I haven't seen that before ". The exhibition is good for us because it is innovative and innovative brands that come here. I see it as a slightly higher level than we are used to

Gin and Rome ... ISH!

In the same field as Dagmar you can at Bite meet ISH Spirits, a company who makes alcohol-free alcohol as founder Morten Sørensen puts it. That is, the classic types of spirits such as gin and rum - just without the high percentages. The taste is extracted from plants and they use capsicum - the active substance in chili - which gives warmth and weight but no taste. ISH Spirits is designed to mix, but according to Morten Sørensen, the experience is in the same family as the alcohol version.


Like Dagmar, there are also more ideas behind the concept than just making something that tastes good, explains Morten Sørensen:


“We are not here to lecture, but would like to give people back the choice. Whether you want to drink alcohol or not or maybe drink a little alcohol. You can also make low-alcohol versions of, for example, a Negroni or an Old Fashioned by using ISH as one of the elements. We would like to challenge that being together does not automatically includes alcohol. We still have to enjoy, party and celebrate, but the alcohol is secondary. We still need a drink, but some take one with alcohol and some without. Just as you choose different burgers at a burger bar. We share the taste - not alcohol. ”

Sober social interaction

With the alcohol-free alternatives Ish Spirits offers a different approach to social interaction that is not masked by alcohol.


"There is far more profit in showing that you don't have to be full to dare to take the first step or dance silly. "I'm still myself, and I'm not afraid to show myself to the surroundings as I am. And besides, I also have a life tomorrow. "These are the social norms we would like to change."


ISH Spirits launched their products at last year's Bite Copenhagen, and it was a good experience, says Morten:

"People were really curious and the bar was well visited. Many other exhibitors were also visiting, and we got a lot of contacts. It was a great place to start for us and we even brought customers home. This year we have the opportunity to invite some of our customers and get a mixologist who mixes some wild cocktails you can taste. And then we will show our new ready-to-drink, which is pre-mixed GinISH & Tonic ready to enjoy with some ice.

You can meet Dagmar, ISH Spirits and many more innovative brands at Bite Copenhagen in Bella Center on 28 and 29 August. If you want to be an exhibitor, you can apply for a stand here.

Christian Vejlund