Who will be the next Bocuse d'Or candidate?

Photo: Andreas Stenmann

Photo: Andreas Stenmann

Bite Copenhagen 2019

- Bella Center Copenhagen 28 & 29 august -

Experience the World Cup for chefs

Author: Philip Olesen


Earlier this year Kenneth Toft-Hansen was honored as the world's best chef when he won the Bocuse d'Or in Lyon. Now begins the hunt for his successor, who will hopefully make Denmark the first country since France in 2005 and 2007 to win the competition twice in a row.


There is no doubt. A victory in the Bocuse d'Or is the ultimate for all competition chefs, and it requires ice in the stomach when the drums roar in Lyon when the world's best chefs compete with 23 other potentiel world champions.


Before a Danish Bocuse d'Or chef can take over the kitchen in France, however, there is a long way to go and the competition will not take place until 2021. First, the Danish chef must be selected. It takes place at a 5 hour and 35 minutes long competition on August 28 at Bite Copenhagen.


In addition, the Danish representative must qualify via a European Championship, where the top 10 countries advance to the World Cup.


Strong candidates

In the Danish competition field you will find six of the gastronomy's biggest names at home. Brian Pedersen (Atelier 85), Ronni Mortensen (Geranium), Tommy Friis (Hotel & Restaurant Mrs. Larsen), Patrick Godborg (Babette) and Christoffer Brink (formerly Restaurant FRANK) will fight for the coveted spot.


The latter has been in Lyon before. Here, it became second place in the competition as assistant to Jeppe Foldager in 2013.


“Participating in the Bocuse d'Or is one of the wildest experiences I have tried. The world's biggest chef names are watching and everything just needs click. And even though it is an individual competition, the team with coach and assistant means a lot, ”Christoffer Brink says.


Patrick Godborg has not appeared in the Bocuse d'Or before, but has experience from many other chef competitions. However, they have not been able to satisfy the urge to win.


“Competitions gives me a rush, and the Bocuse d'Or is the biggest competition of them all. I know that I perform best when I push myself to the limit, and with the roster of chefs that has been assembled for the Danish selection competition it is certainly necessary to keep the cool, 'says the chef at Babette in Vordingborg.


Both chefs agree that the field for the Danish competition has an impressive width, each with their own strengths.


“If you are to win the Bocuse d'Or, you have to beat the best and the competition gets tough. We all know something different, and it will be exciting to see who performs best on the day, ”says Christoffer Brink.

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