Bite Copenhagen presents: Food Tech of the Future


In just 24 days Bite Copenhagen 2018 will open the doors to more than 150 exhibitors. Visitors can expect a true Mecca of innovation, uncompromised quality and tasty new solutons at Bella Center Copenhagen 30-31st of August!

Exhibitors at Bite Copenhagen are a curious, creatives and ambitious professionals with projects that will give you new exciting perspectives on food. Meet two of them here and find out how you may grow the best plants you’ve ever tasted without knowing anything about plants, and why your used food packaging shouldn’t always go in the trash.

Are you ready for the future of farming?
Nextfood will undoubtedly challenge your perception of farming. The tech-company has developed a groundbreaking way of growing plants on indoor vertical shelves without using soil. The plants automatically get water and nutrients in the exact amount needed for each specific herb or vegetable. Everything from LED-light, temperature, pH and air moisture is controlled by the system.


The result is super fresh greens of the highest possible quality produced very effectively without any pollution, pesticides or waste and with 95% less water than by conventional agricultural methods. No need for transport across continents as users are able to grow their very own plants of all origins exactly as they desire. The scalable system is easily and precisely controlled in terms of growing process and climate, enabling everyone to grow plants without considering seasons, agricultural pests and other obstacles. Co-founder and CEO Rasmus Bjerngaard is excited to let visitors at Bite have a taste of the future of farming and maybe even become a part of the project:


“The way we produce food now is not sustainable and if we want enough food for everybody and nature left for us to enjoy, we simply need to do things differently. Nextfood enables anyone to grow tasty, sustainable food easily and at low startup costs leaving more space in nature for wild plants to flourish. We want to democratize vertical farming and make it easy and available to everyone so we have chosen to open source both hardware and software as well as co-found which is an open community of people interested in working with food technology solutions. For the benefit of all of us.”


Great food deserves great packaging
Although Nextfood is trying to minimize the need for transport of edible plants, food still needs to packed. And an important aspect for any eco-conscious producer of food is how to pack the food in a safe and sustainable way. Therefore, we are proud to welcome the German packaging brand Repaq who specializes in compostable and recyclable solutions for packaging developed by scientists. The focus is on the entire lifespan of the products that are fully certified, non-toxic, don’t contain plastic and are fully functional. According to Managing Partner Sven Seevers, there is only one way to go:  


“We aim at producing less, but better products from a holistic point of view. Great food deserves great packaging and you can be sure that every step of the process is sustainable and 100% transparent, enabling our customers to tell the full story about the sustainability of their products. Our packaging is made of natural cellulose from plants and is compostable in just 42 days. Less, when temperatures are as high as they are at the moment. The products are not just a vision for the future. They are ready right now, and at Bite we are looking forward to meeting visitors and colleagues and share our knowledge of sustainable packaging and circular economy. There is a lot of greenwashing in the industry and one of our main missions is to inform people about the difference between being green and washing green.”


Growing visitor list
Great exhibitors like Nextfood and Repaq deserve great visitors. And by now, an abundance of resourceful buyers and other food professionals have already signed up as visitors, enabling them to meet exhibitors and fellow visitors working professionally with food. One of them is Thomas Høier who is Gastronomical Consultant at Meyers Contract Catering. A part of the Løgismose Meyers Group serving thousands of meals with organic and local produce every day in canteens and cultural institutions around Denmark:


“In our daily work, we put great emphasis on using local ingredients in season as well as sustainable animal products. We are very interested in future food solutions in the workspace and we are proud to be pioneers in innovative and sustainable canteen management. We are looking forward to visiting Bite Copenhagen and meeting some of our suppliers, business partners and colleagues.“ 


Another professional who has signed up as a visitor is Steffen Juhl, CEO at the organic and sustainable café Greenilicious in Aarhus:


“Bite Copenhagen is a great source of inspiration and a chance for us to see the newest trends in the food industry. Especially concerning green solutions such as sustainable packaging. We are also looking forward to meeting like-minded food professionals and get their views on food and food trends. And maybe even finding new collaborations and organic food trends.”


See you at Bite Copenhagen 2018!