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Food is a huge source to our personal wellbeing, but at the same time a huge contributor to climate changes. On one side, we can change our food habits, starting today, and thereby doing mother earth and our future generations a big favour. On the other hand, changing our way of eating is both frightening, annoying, and difficult, and not at all appealing to the most of us. So what can we do? On Friday you can listen to philosopher and communicator Jesper Dalgaard Pøhler, tell the story about how Fairdig came to be, and how he came up with the idea for the company, as a result of wanting healthier, organic and climate friendly alternatives. Additionally, Jesper will talk about all the “hows” and “whys” that made Fairdig into the climate friendly ready meals, they are selling today.


Earlier Event: August 25
Later Event: August 25
Slow Food