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WORLD PREMIERE - Welcome to the (Food) Information Age

Eachthing will showcase the first glimpse of Eachthing app at Bite Copenhagen, a breakthrough innovation that offers consumers new ways to communicate with (talk to) products and manufacturers.

For decades, customers have accepted limited product information insight, even when it comes to products we are consuming daily. But now this has suddenly changed. Today a growing number of conscious and political consumers introduces new agendas especially through social media, food blogs and vlogs (video diary). Their concerns are often based on the worlds enormous population growth, environmental issues as global warming or general health problems as allergens or obesity.
But the diversity is increasing and the picture becomes more differentiated and complex.

How can you, as a food manufacturer or retailer, follow this trend and perhaps even benefit from it?

Sven is named as one of the 25 most important Artificial Intelligence influencers in the world together with profiles like: Fei-Fei Li and Andrew Ng. He has been a tech entrepreneur since 2005, with >4 years as CIO in Vindenergi Danmark with a yearly revenue DKK. ~1,5 billions. Additionally Sven has been lecturing at the University of Aarhus (Web programming and Programming)

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When: Friday 31st of August 2018, 13.30 - 14.00. 
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

Professionals with relations to the food industry, may register for free here
Excited enthusiasts, who wishes to explore the culinary horizon and please their taste buds, may order a ticket here