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Because food is more than nutrition

Birthe Lindal is known as a sharp analyst and social debater with a flair for understanding the times we live in and the consequences and opportunities that come along with the world changing. Her primary research area: people and modern life in general. More specifically Birthe Lindal is focusing on the future of food. She is one of the world‘s futurists who knows most about the future of food, foodtrends, foodconsumer insights, innovation and sustainablitity.

At this unique keynote presentation, Birthe will raise four signifcant future dilemmas:

  1. Between cheap energy (food) and to valuable tasty nutrition
  2. Between animal based and vegetable based
  3. Between Industrial mega-brands and local small scale farming
  4. Between Individual monitored personalized diet and social eating

When: Friday 31st of August 2018, 11.15
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

Professionals with relations to the food industry, may register for free here
Excited enthusiasts, who wishes to explore the culinary horizon and please their taste buds, may order a ticket here.