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Selina Juul - A Revolution Against Food Waste

A Revolution Against Food Waste

It's time for a revolution against food waste: We are 7 billion people on this planet, of which 925 million are starving. Yet we annually waste 1,3 billion tons of food - or enough to feed 3 billion people. European Young Leader 2018 and Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Selina Juul will take you on a journey through the fight against food waste. She will reveal to you why fighting food waste is important, what you can do to stop wasting food and what the Stop Wasting Food movement NGO has achieved within the last 10 years. 

Selina Juul is also a global Champion 12.3, TEDx Speaker and blogger on food waste for the Huffington Post USA. She is also featured on BBC and CNN. The BBC facebook video with Selina Juul got over 30 million views. 

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Craft beer made from surplus bread
During the speak the good people at BRØL, will serve craft beer made with local and fresh bread surplus, up-cycle currently underutilized resource, and in turn reduce bread waste and create additional value. Tasty and excellent troubleshooting.

When: Friday 31st of August 2018, 15.15 - 15.45. 
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

Professionals with relations to the food industry, may register for free here
Excited enthusiasts, who wishes to explore the culinary horizon and please their taste buds, may order a ticket here