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100 free cricket cocktails with Syngja!

 100 lucky visitors at Bite Copenhagen  have the chance to try a free cocktail from Syngja - all made from their cricket enriched juices! With flavors ranging from Apple/Ginger to Beetroot/Buckthorn and Spinach/Carrot there will be something for everyone's taste.

By participating at Bite Copenhagen, Syngja demonstrates how crickets can be delicious, exciting and convenient. The deeper motivation is of course to push forward the green movement in society and prepare consumers for a transitioning food landscape, where conventional ingredients are increasingly replaced by new gastronomical resources such as edible insects. Cricket cocktails is thus a way to make the inedible edible (or drinkable) through accessible, natural and pleasurable innovations - and equally important: to explore and enjoy.

Professionals may register their visit for Bite Copenhagen, using an OPEN VAT. 

Excited enthusiasts, who wishes to explore the culinary horizon and please their taste buds, may order a ticket here

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