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NEPCon - Food traceability


The largest and most detailed collection of risk assessments ever published



Do you know where the ingredients in your food comes from? The World's attention is increasingly directed towrds global food production and its influence on nature and human beings. Get a head start and prepare for the future in traceability and responsible sourcing.  

Launch of new online platform 

The nonprofit organization NEPCon, will for the first time in collaboration with the SEGES innovation house, launch the most detailed collection of palm oil, soy and beef information and tools on the online platform "NEPCon Sourcing Hub". The platform is designed for companies who want better control over risk management in the supply chain. We publish NEPCon Sourcing Hub on Scene West both on the 24th and 25th of August  at 14.30 and 15.30. 

A walk in the woods with traceability experts

Come and visit us in the "forest" afterwards at booth 15 and become more aware of how you can work with traceability and risk management in your supply chain. NEPCon traceability experts will be at the booth and offer one on one advice on responsible sourcing. We are looking forward to meeting a lot of Danish food companies and presenting our new platform.


• Scene West Thursday at. 14.30: Launch of NEPCon Sourcing Hub v. Christian Sloth, Program Manager, NEPCon. 

• Scene West Friday at. 15.30: Launch of NEPCon Sourcing Hub v. Christian Sloth, Program Manager, NEPCon

• Booth No. 15: One-to-One Expert Advice on Risks and Responsible Sourcing. Book a meeting in our stand.

The Responsible Sourcing of Soy, Catlle and Palm Oil project is funded by DANIDA.