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Export - Partnership-event

In collaboration with The Trade Council and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, Bite Copenhagen invites the exhibiting companies to participate in a unique partnership-event.

This workshop is your chance to seek out new export markets, by adopting the Sustainable Development Goals into your business case. The purpose of the workshop is to formulate new partnerships between the participating stakeholders encompassing; private sector companies, NGO’s and the public sector. The official voice for the Danish food-cluster, Food Nation, will therefore together with the P4G-hub seek to formulate partnerships between the participating attendees at the workshop. The most experienced international export advisors from the Trade Council will also be present to offer their network and international insight.

Dynamic collaboration between the public and private sectors has enormous potential for moving our society toward its global development goals. Denmark is therefore championing the P4G-innitiatitve, offering funding assistance of between 500.000-5.000.000 DKK for SDG-empowering business projects. The next P4G-funding period will open in November 2018 for which this workshop is your chance to pitch your SDG-idea to the P4G-hub as well as identifying new innovative partnerships for your products.

Trade advisors you can meet during the workshop have extensive knowledge from these countries:

Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, UK, United Arab Emirates, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey and the United States.

At the event, you will learn about your company's opportunities to export your products to the international market, listen to inspirational presentations, joint discussions and meet with export advisors. 

Registration for Export-Partnership-Event via link(free)
Available spots: 40
When: 13.30 – 14.30
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

Participation in the events requires access to Bite Copenhagen. Register now, or on-site. It is simple and fast!

Would you like to meet one of the export advisors from a country listed above? Book a meeting and make sure to specify which countries you are interested in!