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Meet investors and start-up accelerators at Bite

Early stage food or food tech start-ups (or thinking about becoming one)? Look no further! At our exhibition stand you will meet preseed investment company CAPNOVA, start-up accelerator Growing Food CPH as well as partner universities and more.

Drop by our exhibition stand for feedback on how to raise capital, for a talk on how to develop your food start-up, to learn more about our food accelerator programmes and to meet some of our present participating food and foodtech start-ups in Growing Food CPH.

We are:


CAPNOVA is an investment and development company providing early stage start-ups with specialist business experience and a strong network in order to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses. CAPNOVA specializes in investing in the entire value chain ranging from food and foodtech, production to convenience combined with IT, health and bioeconomy - focusing on start-ups that contribute to solving global food challenges.

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Growing Food CPH

The Growing Food CPH programme includes knowledge-intensive boot camps with specialist scientists, tailor-made mentor schemes and business experts attached. The programme is free and aims to help you grow your start-up by combining food and food-tech knowledge from three universities (University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark) with start-up specialists from the investment and development company CAPNOVA.

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The CPH Food programme is a tailor-made collaboration with University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, CAPNOVA, Agro Business Park and Danish Food cluster. Start-ups and SME’s with an idea for a new product or concept within food/foodtech or related areas will be matched with researchers or students with a specific knowledge about how to develop your project.

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Participation in the events requires access to Bite Copenhagen. Register now, or on-site. It is simple and fast!