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Foodwaste is a fact – this is how we handle it

World Food Summit 2018 - Better Food for More People

Foodwaste is a fact – this is how we handle it

Organized by The Danish Food Bank

More than 3 tons of fresh food are delivered daily to charities in Denmark - all of which comes from producers and wholesalers. But it is only a small fraction of what is actually wasted every day in the food industry. How can we do good by being better and thereby contribute to achieving the SDGs 2 on zero hunger and 12 on reduction of food waste? Meet The Danish Food Bank and their partners from the Danish food industry and share your opinion in the debat on how we can do better.

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When: Coming soon
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

Preliminary program:


Presentations by Danish Companies working with The Danish Food Bank

Open discussion with The Danish Food Bank and representatives from the Danish food industry.

About the organizer
The Danish Food Bank is an NGO fighting food waste and food poverty in Denmark. They reduce food waste by gathering surplus food from producers and wholesalers and fight food poverty by delivering the fresh food to charities. The Danish Food Bank was founded as a voluntary association in January 2008. The organization is thus the first initiative amongst the Nordic countries to fight food waste while ensuring better food to socially disadvantaged people in Denmark. The Danish Food Bank is a member of the global food bank network, GFN, and member of the board of the European Federation of Food Banks, FEBA.

For more information about the sessions in Bella Center contact Signe Skibstrup Blach, Special Advisor,