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Food Communities and Social Inclusion

World Food Summit – Better Food for More People Breakout Session in Bella Center Copenhagen, 31st August 2018 kl 13 - 14

Food Communities and Social Inclusion

Organized by

Food For All (MAD TIL ALLE) and Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark

Food losses and food waste is a paradox: Almost one third of all food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted along the food chain from production to consumption. At the same time many people are lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

With the UN`s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have committed ourselves to ending hunger and reduce waste of our valuable ressources.

In the “Food Communities and Social Inclusion” Breakout Session we discuss why surplus food is a fact and how the donation of surplus food can pave the way for food waste reduction, integration- and inclusion activities and – of utmost importance - less poverty.

During our session we will collaborate and inspire each other to find solutions to utilize the surplus food and at the same time improve daily lives of the food insecure people.

•  Welcoming speech by Mrs. Benedicte Meyer, Founder of FOOD FOR ALL (MAD TIL ALLE)
•  A CPH:DOX short movie about the work of FOOD FOR ALL (MAD TIL ALLE)
•  Introductions to the Panel Debate participants

•  Presentation by Mr. Jonas Schrøder
Director, Responsibility & Engagement, Salling Group (Føtex, Netto, Bilka a.o.)
Along with a number of Denmark’ largest food producers and organizations we are behind an ambitious, national partnership – Denmark against Food Waste (Danmark mod Madspild). Because we believe that by combining efforts, sharing experience and committing to targets, we can make a difference

•  Presentation by Mrs. Susan Kjeldgaard
EU Parliamentary candidate for the Danish party, Alternative, Member of the Board of Food for All (MAD TIL ALLE)
Local councils can make small and inexpensive political decisions that provide very high values or local communities

•  Presentation by Mr. Peter Bergstroem
Volunteer and member of Food for All (MAD TIL ALLE)
A member's story about the personal quantum leap, Food for All, has led to

•  Presentation by Mr. Ghassan Al Halawani
Volunteer and member of Food for All (MAD TIL ALLE)
A refugee’s story about food aid and how rhubarb, asparagus and cabbage can be integrated into Syrian cooking

About the organizers:

FOOD FOR ALL (MAD TIL ALLE) is a non-profit NGO that meets hunger and food waste in a dignified way where all users are involved in the work of collecting, processing, packing and distributing the daily food. FOOD FOR ALL wants to reduce food waste and help all people who would otherwise go hungry to bed. FOOD FOR ALL has kitchen facilities, where they host cooking courses for refugees who want to get to know the Danish food ingredients better.

Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark
Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad) is Denmark’s largest non-profit NGO and movement against food waste, which has initiated the fight against food waste in Denmark. Since its foundation in 2008, Stop Wasting Food helped bringing massive focus on food waste on Denmark’s agenda and has achieved a large number of results in Denmark, in collaboration with EU and UN. Stop Wasting Food started the fight against food waste in Denmark and Stop Wasting Food brought Denmark's fight against food waste on the world map. Stop Wasting Food has support of over 60,000 people, a number of leading top politicians and acknowledged food personalities.

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When: 13.00 - 14.00
Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)

For more information about the sessions in Bella Center contact Signe Skibstrup Blach, Special Advisor,