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Partnerships for sustainable and healthy food

A Menu of Solutions


1. An insider’s perspective on Nordic food policy
Introduction to the Solutions Menu: A Nordic guide to sustainable food policy

For the first time, the most innovative food policy solutions in the Nordic Region have been brought together in a single document. The Solutions Menu includes 24 policies aiming to change food consumption. It intends to inspire new and robust policy responses to societal and environmental challenges caused by current food systems.

Hear from the Nordic Food Policy Lab, Nordic Council of Ministers.


2. Partnerships for change

· What is the potential of working with close-to-the-consumer food policy?

· What are some of the most successful food policy partnerships in the Nordic region? What are the commonalities between different partnerships?

· Where do we find the greatest potential for replicating and adapting solutions to new contexts?

Hear the take-aways from some of the key solutions owners in the Nordics from the policy side.


3. Overcoming barriers

Partnerships can deliver new and robust solutions for health and sustainability.

· What are the key reasons these cross-sectoral partnerships have worked?

· What were the main barriers in these partnerships?

· Why did they get onboard? What were the decisive win-win factors?

Hear the take-aways from the non-governmental and business partners.

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When: 13-15.00

Location: Bella Center Copenhagen (Bite Copenhagen)