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Thinktank Frej - Paneldebate


A new generation: When differences meet



The amount of information has never been greater or more accessible than it is today, which is an unique opportunity to understand perspectives and opinions of other people. Paradoxically we experience more division and disunity than ever. Especially the global food discussion is characterized by 'either/or' - logic. Organic vs. conventional. City vs. countryside. Vegan rawfood vs. animal welfare and meat consumption. 

What is causing this seemingly disunity and what role does the new media play in the debate? How do we use the available information to establish a more productive dialogue with inclusion of the new generation and is the distance between farmer and eco-blogger really as great as the public debate gives an impression of? 

The Thinktank Frej adds a  new chapter to the food debate when representatives of the producing- and consuming segment meets in a paneldebate at Bite Copenhagen. The goal is to learn how dialogue, interaction and reflection can help bridge the wide gaps, in an often heated and personal debate. 

Friday 25th of August, 11-12.15.
Scene West


11.00-11.05: Welcome by Thinktank Frej
11.05-11.15: David Budtz Petersen from Aalborg University specialized in communication and psychmed speciale i kommunikation og psykologi.
11.15-11.25: Mette Gammicchia, Market Development Manager in Agriculture and Food. 
11.25-11.35: Thomas Roland, CSR Head of COOP. Panel discussion. 
11.35-11.55: Paneldebat with lectures and with the involvement of bloggerCamilla Stemann Jensen and agricultural technology student specializing in agricultural crops, agriculture, environment and nature Christina Haslund Siegumfeldt. 
11.55-12.00: Co-founder of the Thinktank Frej, Iben Krog Rasmussen moderates the paneldiscussion.